Ma Classe French Learning

After-school 2020-21

An original, art-based program for your child to explore, learn and love French.

Our Philosophy

In our after-school program we use art-based activities and baking as a pathway to learning French language and culture. Our classes combine an exciting, hands-on introduction to visual arts with a underlying task-based approach to second language acquisition. While relaxing and having fun, children will grow multiple skills – dexterity, creativity, patience, not to mention their French speaking skills.


    Three exciting programs to pick out from: painting, salt-dough making and baking

    Programs are delivered by carefully selected francophone or bilingual instructors and artists

    Bilingual or francophone session depending on your child’s level

    Offered Mon thru Friday at 4-6 pm and each day features a different activity

    Sessions take place in small groups (1 instructor for 6 children)

Activities in 2020-21

Painting & visual arts

In this class your child will learn about the different types of paints, brushes and mediums and popular techniques such as underpainting, texture building, creating effects using the appropriate brushes or other shaping tools such as the palette knife, sgraffito, and glazing. Though the primary focus will be on painting, the course also includes an introduction to sketching and drawing, as well as calligraphy.

Classes offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Painting of a fox at Ma Classe Learning Centre

Salt-dough making

In this workshop your child will experiment the art of salt-dough making, its various techniques and tools to create beautifully crafted objects, including ornaments, figurines etc.

Classes offered on Wednesdays

Baking Class

Children will learn how to make from scratch some of the most iconic pieces of French pastry using the appropriate kitchen utensils and bakeware.

Classes offered on Fridays

Second Language Exposure

Sessions are conducted in French for French Immersion students & francophone children from SK to Grade 3. Students will be encouraged to interact in French only and the instructor will keep track of the vocabulary and grammar used in class.

"Bilingual" sessions are also available for students in the English mainstream or Core French students from Grade 1 to 3. Our bilingual instructor will gradually increase the exposure to French as children get more comfortable over the term. The first elements of French will include theme-specific vocabulary and basic instructions. We welcome all students who are interested in exploring the language at an introductory level.

Schedule and dates

The afterschool program is offered all year long except during the summer break. The winter term starts on Monday, January 7 and ends on Saturday, March 9.

Parents can register their children for a minimum of 8 weeks or the full term (15 weeks). There is a one-week trial period for students who attend more than once a week.

Fall 2020 Rates

Sessions /week Rate /day Rate /term Monthly*
Once a week 32.00 480.00 297.00
Twice a week 30.00 900.00 300.00
3 times a week 28.00 1260 420
4 times a week 26.00 $1560 $520
Everyday** 24.00 $1800 $600

*Term fees can be paid in 3 monthly installments (Sep, Oct, Nov) - please provide 3 post-dated cheques upon registration.

**There is no class on Monday, Oct 14 (Thanksgiving Day) and no regular program on PA days (Oct 11, Nov 15, Dec 06) - fees will be prorated.

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