Ma Classe French Learning

Our mission

• Support your child’s social, emotional and cognitive development in a safe, stimulating French-speaking environment

• Offer a fun, effective springboard program to a successful French language curriculum and a lifelong learning journey

What we offer

A child-centered program

Our program features a variety of fun and educational activities to help your child reach their cognitive, social and emotional milestones: songs, storytelling, arts & crafts, painting, baking, creative play and simulations (e.g. making a pizza), basic mathematics and sciences, to name a few.

Research demonstrates young children absorb a second language intuitively and effortlessly. Our personalized approach will foster this natural desire to learn and create multiple opportunities for your child – inside or outside the classroom – to develop essential skills through play and hands-on activities and explore a variety of topics in the French language, with a focus on topics relating to children’s own environment and experience of life.

Considering French Immersion for your child?

Our program is the perfect place to start!

Our bilingual early childhood educators use quality, age-appropriate learning resources to help preschoolers build their first bilingual skills and smoothen their transition into a French-speaking classroom environment. We will engage with families for their input and will keep them informed on their child's progress all throughout the program.

Little girl ready to embark on a French Immersion curriculum

Preschool Packages 2020-21

Half-day option Schedule Monthly fees
Twice a day Tue & Thu $400
3 times a day Mon & Wed & Fri $575
Everyday Mon-Fri $900

School will be closed during Christmas vacation (Dec 21-Jan 03), March Break (March 15-19) and statutory holidays.

**There is no class on Monday, Oct 14 (Thanksgiving Day) and no regular program on PA days (Oct 11, Nov 15, Dec 06) - fees will be prorated.

Ma Classe French Learning

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