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Play and Learn French

  • A blend of songs, fun vocabulary building and cute arts & crafts projects!
  • Offered as part of our afterschool program from Mon through Thu
  • One-hour classes on Saturdays - please check online schedule for availability
  • Open to French Immersion or full beginner JK/SK students
Play & Learn French Session

Why starting early matters

Research has shown that younger children absorb faster and develop better listening and pronunciation skills when exposed early to a spoken foreign language. This program offers kids aged 4-6 a fun, memorable first experience with French through guided, creative play and a variety of hands-on activities.

How a session unfolds

Sessions take place in small groups (usually 4-5 kids) under the supervision of caring and patient instructors who are also native speakers. Each child will be offered - all throughout the session - a number of opportunities to hear and repeat basic spoken French, interact in French using very simple phrases and even visualize a few written words. This first, natural exposure to French rules out any formal approach and children are expected to familiarize themselves with most French sounds, intonation as well as basic vocabulary and structures over a few months’ period.

Fall 2019 rates

Classes /week Rate /class Rate /term Monthly*
Once a week 25.00 $375 $125

*Term fees can be paid in 3 monthly installments (Sep, Oct, Nov) - please provide 3 post-dated cheques upon registration.

**For siblings or referrals we apply a 5% discount rate on total fees.

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