About us

Our mission and philosophy

We believe that learning French as a second language is not only a chance to open up a gate on a new culture and create life-changing opportunities, but also a major asset in today’s interconnected world. Our mission is to offer every child the best chance to build solid foundations in the French language. We aim to create programs that are both result-oriented and provide a fun, convivial experience for both students and teachers. To help achieve this balance, we follow the following key principles essential to successful learning:

  • trained instructors who are native speakers of French but with a deep understanding of the medium language
  • a well-defined curriculum with a clear set of objectives for each program
  • a methodology based on a strong communicative approach and inspired by the best classroom practices
  • small groups to create the conditions for active participation during the class
  • constant communication with parents and student involvement outside the classroom via a customized homework plan
  • age-appropriate educational resources that are both effective and appealing

Our history

We founded Ma Classe back in 2012 with a handful of children enrolled in French Immersion who needed homework support and individual tutoring. We quickly expanded our offer with group classes, afterschool activities and day camps for a variety of levels and ages, including young beginners, as we moved to our High Park centre the following year. In 2016, we started our Asset French program, a not-for-profit initiative to respond to requests for conversational French classes from local parents and young professionals. The program was later implemented full-time at our Islington office where it still takes place today.

What makes us different

As a small-sized business entirely run by instructors, we always prioritize our students’ academic needs over financial considerations. We create close relationships with students and parents and commit to accompanying and supporting your child at every stage of their learning journey. We think that our passion for teaching and multi-level expertise in second language instruction, educational resources and curriculum development make us a premium choice for parents interested in fun yet effective French classes for their children.

Over the years we have built long-term connections with local families and schools with a constant focus on developing our expertise and designing new exciting programs for our students.

Meet our head instructors