Our program features a selection of engaging, art-based activities in French as a basis for learning the spoken language and exploring the francophone culture. Classes are conducted by French-speaking art students or artists in collaboration with the instructor. Children will develop their dexterity, creativity, patience, and sense of aesthetics throughout the program as well as their verbal French skills through a natural exposure to the language.

  • activities include painting, sketching, salt-dough making
  • programs are delivered by bilingual instructors and artists
  • sessions are either bilingual or fully in French depending on your child's level
  • The program is offered Mon through Friday between 4-6 pm and each day features a different activity
  • Sessions take place in small groups
Happy Kindergarten kids absorbed in an after-school painting activity

Art-based activities

Painting & visual arts

In this class children learn about the different types of paints, brushes and mediums as well as popular techniques, including under painting, texture building, creating effects using appropriate brushes or other shaping tools like the palette knife, sgraffito, and glazing. Though the primary focus is on painting, the course also includes an introduction to sketching and drawing, as well as calligraphy.

Happy kids having fun painting in our French after-school program

Salt dough art projects

In this workshop your child will experiment the art of salt-dough making, its various techniques and tools to eventually create beautifully crafted objects, including ornaments, figurines etc. Themed projects are offered throughout the school year. Contact us for additional information.

Happy children busy learning in a salt-dough workshop during our after-school program.

Second language exposure

Sessions are conducted in French for French Immersion students & francophone children from SK to Grade 3. Students are encouraged to interact in French only and the instructor keeps track of the vocabulary and grammar used in class.

Bilingual sessions are also available for students in the English stream. Our instructor will gradually increase the exposure to French as children get more comfortable with the spoken language over the course of the program. At this level, language material used includes theme-specific vocabulary, basic instructions and encouragements.

Kindergarten students focused on a painting activity in our after-school program.