Our program consists of two components based on shared web-based resources:

  • a weekly French class with the instructor via Zoom
  • a homework plan for guided self-learning

Either part is complementary and essential to the successful completion of the program. Typically, the Zoom session introduces the material taught in each unit, which is in turn practiced in the homework plan.

Happy little girl learning French online via Zoom with Ma Classe Learning

Live Zoom sessions

They are offered once to twice a week and are 30 to 40 minutes long, depending on your child's level. Instructors are native French speakers fully trained in French as a Second language with a thorough knowledge of the curriculum for each stream: French Immersion, Core French or Extended French. These sessions aim to:

  • help your child develop oral fluency
  • gain a solid understanding of class material
  • anticipate self-study during the rest of the week
  • monitor your child's progress and address potential issues
Fun, enthusiastic online French teacher
children get ready to learn French online.

Benefits of live sessions

Focus on oral communication

The main focus of live sessions is the practice of oral communication in a fun, interactive classroom setting. New material is taught in context with the support of consistent visual cues.

Anticipating self-study

Online activities featured in the homework plan are always presented during the live session beforehand to let children familiarize themselves with the functionalities and options available to them.

Web-based homework plan

Students have access to their homework plan by logging on to a dedicated platform on our website. Their home page will feature a summary of the material taught during the zoom session, along with the links to the resources and all the instructions needed to complete homework. These web-based resources will help your child

  • assimilate language material at their own pace
  • develop autonomy in learning
  • build confidence and proficiency in French
Example of a Ma Classe Online customized student menu

Benefits of asynchronous learning

Support resources for the homework plan

Resources mainly consist of review and practice material online featuring visual cues and audio recordings, but also downloadable worksheets or assignments to be completed in writing. Web-based resources enable students to review the material seen in class at their own pace. They include vocabulary sliders, memory trainers, multiple-choice quizzes, labeling activities, spelling tests and a variety of exercises.

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Promoting self-learning

Typically, resources featured in the homework plan are always presented by the end of the Zoom session so children understand how to use them in autonomy with minimal help from parents. Beginner students have access to English translation for clarification while widespread audio recordings help them develop their listening skills and pronunciation without relying on a French speaker or Google. The automated quizzes and memory trainers allow them to get instant feedback on their knowledge and track their performance. Older children are encouraged to communicate with the teacher for clarification or even share scores with them if they wish to.